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Kid Contractor Podcast with Caleb Auman

Jul 30, 2021

We met up with Logan Manning, Earth Advocate, who is actually a local to the Kid Contractor Podcast. It was a great day of touring Logan’s shop and talking about some of the equipment purchases he has made recently to allow his company to grow.

Auman Landscape on YouTube

Jul 28, 2021

Join us today for a fun episode with Luke from CompanyCam. Hear his start-up story and how he found a problem in his industry and solved it by starting CompanyCam. CompanyCam is an app that allows you to communicate and document job site photos.

Auman Landscape on YouTube

Jul 26, 2021

Brittany and Caleb discuss the status of their landscape design/build company, Auman Landscape, now that the second quarter of 2021 is over. Enjoy a fun conversation highlighting many lessons learned. We talk about the value of a good bookkeeper, profit margins, payroll taxes, saving money, Together In The Trades, and a...

Jul 23, 2021

Today's episode is your classic Kid Contractor trainwreck of value and banter between Caleb and Brittany, enjoy!

Auman Landscape on YouTube 


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Jul 21, 2021

Join us today as we talk with our long-time mentor and friend, Mr. Woody Winfree. Woody was with us through the crash of Caleb’s first company and has been our CPA ever since. Caleb and Woody talk about what it was like to receive “love" letters from the IRS and file bankruptcy and how they handled the situation.